Main activity is transport services within the EU, with years of experience in particular in Austria,
Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, but also the Netherlands, England and Spain and Portugal.
VOLVO vehicles provide transportation, which together with the brand Kögel trailers
rank among the cleanest and safest vehicles meeting the standards EURO3, 5, 6, EEV1.

Canvas Kögel trailers (tautliner) allow goods up to 2.8 m, width 2.48 m and weight
to 26t.

Each vehicle is equipped with mobile means of communication, so we always find
location and status of your ordered services.

We can offer you a quality service to the family business with a serious attitude and a reputation.
We take this very seriously, so wait a personal approach.


František Kubáš-Fevatrans

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VAT Nr: SK1020219981


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František Kubáš
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